The Rick Mercer photo challenge

So, I was supposed to do the Rick Mercer challenge where I post a picture of Stephen Harper’s face onto anything I want. Here are my results, enjoy! So this is the first picture. I chose to put his face on superman because I just thought that his face would merge nicely into the picture. […]

Principles of Design

  Balance   Refers to the ways in which the elements (lines, shapes, colors, textures, etc.) of a piece are arranged.   Emphasis   A principle of art which occurs any time an element of a piece is given dominance by the artist. In other words, the artist┬ámakes┬ápart of the work stand out, in order […]

Elements of art

Color   Color is the element of art that is produced when light, striking an object, is reflected back to the eye. The characteristics are hue, value, and intensity.     Form     At its most basic, a form is a three-dimensional geometrical figure (i.e.: sphere, cube, cylinder, cone, etc.   Line     […]