World Press Photo 2013 Review

What is World Press Photo?

The world’s largest non-profit organization based on press photography around the world. These photos are strictly forbidden to be changed or altered in any way.

What stood out to you? (It can be anything from location, subject matter, to stories that were told)

The photos of the violence seen in the remoter parts of the world were very graphic and I was surprised at this. I knew that things like this were happening around the world but I didn’t think that it would be allowed to show pictures like those. The fact that World Press has so much freedom in showing what they want seems surprising.

Which was your favorite series/ photo and why?



I really liked this photo because I liked the fact that these men were all volunteers helping people in need and risking their lives. In this photo, they are bowing their heads in silence to all the people who lost their lives in the earthquake .


Would you recommend others to attend World Press Photo?

I you can’t see graphic images of violence and other devastating things, I recommend you to not go there. Even I was shaken by the photos and stories I saw on that day. If you are fine with graphic images like those, you should go for sure and take a good look at what is happening out there.


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