Culminating Project: Move trailer

movie poster final

1. Explain the premise of your movie briefly (what it is about)
Its supposed to be a comedy horror movie of a trash can trying to kill someone.

2. What scenes does your movie trailer show, and why did you choose to them?
The “action” scenes where you can see the main protagonist being chased by the trash can. I choose these scenes because they would be the most anticipated scenes in any horror movie.

3. Why does your trailer make the audience want to watch the movie?
Because its filled with the best scenes of the movie.

4. What sound effects and music did you choose, and why.
We choose scary and eerie music to accompany the scenes better. There were no sound effects as it would distract from the tension on the trailer.

5. What do you like about your movie trailer?
The funny ending.

6. What challenges did you and your group members overcome?
Coming up with an idea and trying to get the actor successfully perform the scenes.

7. What changes would you make for the future?
Add more dialogue to the movie and create different scenes.

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